Increasing LEAN's Success with AI

Lean programs have very high failure rate, and largely due to organizational leadership.

 Lean is a philosophy. Lean is also a practice. And with right tools and partnerships, lean also becomes reality. All it needs is a list of things to work right. Our team has implemented lean into banks, startups and government agencies with varying success. And one of the key learnings has been around organizational consensus. Actually, it is true that nothing is feasible without organizational consensus. But large organizations align only on a few points. The rest of the business runs in silos. That’s what creates disruption due to failure of align and react in face of adversity. Either disruption by incidents or disruption by market forces like startups, regulators or demand-supply adjustments, can shake the foundation of large organizations.

 SOLYD Vision
SOLYD Vision

Why Lean fails? 

And why is it important to take action? Based on an extensive research by Saja Albliwi & group the top factors hint toward communication failures. And communication largely fail due to the lack of required ingredients of good communication. There is often not enough data to back hypotheses with facts, and consequently the story of change wouldn't be very convincing. Also large organizations would need large amount of data which might be equally resource intensive. And this often is the prohibitive reason of stalemate leading to failure. But Lean is wonderland of promises and those who have seen it are the living tale of fortunes on the other side. Also, there is no other way. Any other tool or framework which you may think of using, might already be a derivation of lean. There is option of living with ineffective lean. But there is no true alternative. And the good news is that most of the CEOs decide to push through. Now that we agree that Lean is the ideal way to thrive than just survive, let us look at the ways technology has contributed in developing this practice over the years. Computers have assisted in managing the increasing demands from factories. The humble handlooms could never had matched the needs of 80,000X(Eighty Thousand Times) more production per unit. In the research paper by Jose (et. al 2012), the group explores the numerous upgrades which LEAN practice has gotten itself.
Impact of IT on Lean

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What is the step forward? 

There can be more than one way to solve the problems of Lean failures in our current times. Problems like communication can be solved through re-education programs, re-organizing the company structure, simplifying the daily clutter , or setting up standard taxonomies, or all of them. On the other hand, you can allow AI to learn your organization and build these things for you.

For the leaders who are ready, it is time to take action and adopt a new technology to enable communication. Like email's transformative properties of communication, AI should be your next pillar. AI should learn your organization today to help you tomorrow. We at SOLYD make organizational AI simpler. With help of desktop agent bots, the system not only learns, but also brings efficiency with suggestions to automate various kinds of manual tasks.

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By learning your organizational details, SOLYD Vision helps in creating a repository of knowledge which makes your organization unique, competitive and robust.

 Disclaimer: I am developer of SOLYD.

SOLYD ( works with many organizations of Fortune 500 list as well as startups to grow and build their next generation of products. 


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